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Diane Halloran, Everybody Needs a Nurse

Diane Halloran, RN, MPH, enjoyed a long, rewarding career caring for patients and serving as their advocate for over 40 years. Five years ago, Diane retired, planning to travel the world with her husband Edward, also an RN. Six months later, plans had changed. At the urging of friends and family, Diane started a new company and named it after her philosophy as an RN, Everybody Needs a Nurse (ENAN).


From her many years on the job, Diane knew there was a need for a liaison between patients and their doctors and caregivers, someone who can "put their arms around the situation" and provide advice, explain complex diseases and treatments, and help to manage their care.

In 2008, the business took off when Diane got six clients in two weeks. Overwhelmed with trying to manage patient care and a business, Diane joined forces with her daughter Jennifer Halloran. Diane now handles the patient care, her strength and her love, while Jennifer takes care of the business details.

ENAN's clients are typically seniors dealing with medical issues, as well as with challenges associated with aging, often in emergency situations. According to Diane, clients are usually unaware of what resources are available, or where to go for help. They are not familiar with how the health system works, or the financial process.

By managing all aspects of the clients' health care, Diane and the staff of RNS help the clients to remain independent, often in their own home, as long as possible. "Our motto," Diane says, "is to keep people out of the ER, the hospitals or rehab."

ENAN monitors medications, attends doctor appointments, and makes weekly visits to assess the client between doctor appointments. In this manner, potential problems and setbacks are "nipped in the bud and a crisis is averted...and any decline in independence can be gradual, smooth and comfortable."

Everybody Needs A Nurse truly is a patient advocate with a difference.

Everybody Needs a Nurse
Patient Advocate
Diane and Jennifer Halloran

81110 Alexander
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 606-1819

Article written by Susie Woodworth of Assisted Living

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